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Choosing Right from Wrong

November 02, 2016 DR. SHARON BUCHALTER

Lately, this has been something on my mind - figuring out what is the “right” thing to do and what is the “wrong” thing to do. Some would say that this is the conscious developing and it is now speaking more than ever when making decisions. But, how exactly do you do what is “right” every single time and never do what is “wrong”? Check out my Recipe for choosing between them and how this can help you Get Happy in 60 Seconds℠:

Cut up two pounds of Going With Your Gut

Going with your gut is important because your gut is your first instinct, and that is usually the correct option in any situation. When you begin to think about the issue at hand and begin weighing the pros and cons, that’s where things can get a little bit sticky. It is at that point when you begin to question yourself and your gut. Don’t question your gut, it’s usually right!

Add in a pinch of Getting Someone Else’s Opinion

Although you usually want to trust your gut, getting someone else’s opinion can always help. Why? Because people have different experiences. So, those experiences that other people have had, come with stories. If they can explain a situation or story that relates to you and what you are battling, it may help in your decision making processes on a day to day basis.

1 cup of Realizing What Makes You Feel Good

When making decisions between what is right and wrong, a lot of it really just comes down to what makes you feel good on the inside. If you know that a decision that you’ve made in the past makes you feel that way, don’t do it again! And then on the opposite side of that, if something makes you feel good inside, then do that! It’s simple, just do what feels right.

I hope you enjoyed my recipe for choosing between right and wrong and you can use these ingredients to better your life! Leave some feedback below letting me know!
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