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Mother Nature

January 03, 2017 DR. SHARON BUCHALTER

Mother nature is beautiful. The way the wind blows the leaves on a turning oak tree. The way the rain falls and hit a pond to make the most peaceful sound. The way lightning can light up an entire sky for a brief millisecond. All of these things are what makes the world the beautiful place that it is. One must appreciate all of the beauty that mother nature has to offer in order to understand how the world works, flows, and operates. Understanding the flow of mother nature and how the world works can lead you to Get Happy in 60 Seconds. With this recipe right here, you will be able to find beauty in mother nature and appreciate everything surrounding you!

1 Cup of going on an outdoor adventure

I’ll admit, there are periods of my life where I have not taken the time to go outside and see nature and all that is surrounding me. I get caught up in technology and the things that occupy my eyes right in front of me - usually a screen. It’s important to pick your eyes up off of your screen and go outside. Go on a run, on a bike ride, or to a nearby forest! Nature is beautiful when you give it the ability to be. What do I mean by this? Let nature show you all the beauty that it has to offer. You won’t be able to see it unless you step outside and open your eyes.

⅓ Cup of realizing how small you are

For me every time the sky rains, snows, drizzles, or pours, it reminds me of one thing - how small I really am. Mother nature has the ability to rain on an entire city, state, or country at one period of time. If you think about how many people are being impacted by that rain and how mother nature is just one thing, you will see how small you are. If you aren’t afraid to get wet, go outside and stand in the rain the next time it rains. There’s no doubt that your appreciation for mother nature will soar.

2 Tablespoons of laying outside, looking up, and just thinking

Whether it’s on a sunny day, starry night, or snowy evening, going outside, laying down, and looking up into the sky is probably one of the best things you can do to get in touch with mother nature and how she works. The world is so massive and we as people are so small. We must understand that. We must understand that we have no control over mother nature and how she works. That is what I find to be the beautiful part about her. It is one of the few things that we as humans have no control over.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe on how to appreciate mother nature. I’d love to know… What do you do in order to appreciate her more? Comment, Share, and Like this post and let me know!

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