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Recipe for a Successful Morning

September 14, 2016 DR. SHARON BUCHALTER

It’s 6:15 am, your alarm clock just sounded and it’s that time of the day again - for you to get up out of bed. As you know, there a couple of ways this can go. You either hit the snooze button and groan for 10 minutes about not wanting to get up, or you pop out of bed and get a start on your day. I want to give you my recipe on how you can “pop” out of bed every morning and Get Happy in 60 Seconds℠.

1/2 Cup of Don’t Hit the Snooze Button!

Hitting that snooze button when you wake up in the morning is doing one thing to you - making you more groggy. Getting those 8 minutes of extra time to lay down are not going to help you, trust me. If anything, you’ll end up falling back asleep and get a late start to your day!

3 Teaspoons of Planning

Well, now you are awake so now what? Turn over, grab your phone (if you are anything like me you sleep right next to it) and open up your calendar. Write down everything that you need to get done on that specific day. Now, you’ll have a guideline on what to do throughout your day and you’ll see where you do/ do not have free time.

1 lb of Smiling!

When you first wake up in the morning it is crucial that you find that thing that will make you smile. Whether it’s your dog that will lick your face or your husband/wife who kisses you good morning, make sure to find it.

1 Cup of Listening to your FAVORITE Music!

Listening to you favorite music right when you wake up can give you the perfect start to your day that you need. It will put you in a place of happiness and will block out the rest of the world for a little while. I see music as an integral point of contact between a person and their happiness.

I hope you guys enjoy my recipe for a Successful Morning and please take a second to share with me what you enjoy to do every morning to get on the right path for the day! Thanks a lot!

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