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Recipe for Making the "Best" Decision

November 17, 2016 DR. SHARON BUCHALTER

If there is anything that has to be made in life, it’s a decision. A decision as small as choosing a place to eat for dinner or a decision as big as choosing whether or not to accept a new job offer in a new city. We all know that decision making can be hard, especially when the options all seem to be great options. But, it all comes down to one thing - what is going to make you the happiest? Here’s my recipe on making a decision, no matter the size, in order to Get Happy in 60 Seconds℠.

2 Cups of Having a Vision for the Future

Having a vision for your future is important with making any decisions because your life is a compilation of all the steps and decisions that you have made. All of the little decisions that you have made over your life add up and have created the person that you are today. If you see yourself in the future happily single, and yet you are currently stuck in a relationship that you are not very fond of, it might be a good idea to back out. On the other hand, if you are currently in a rocky relationship but you do see a future with that person, it might be in your best interest to try and fix things with your partner. These are just a few examples though. Try to envision what it is that you ultimately want, and make decisions that you think will get you the future you want.

1.5 Cups of Asking for Some Advice

Asking for some advice is never a bad idea because of the different perspectives and life experiences that other people have had. A lot of times, other people’s experiences can shed light on your situation and allow you to see that a certain decision may lead you in a certain direction. When asking for advice though, always keep opinions as just that - opinions. Never let someone else make a decision for you because that may lead to unhappiness with your decision since it wasn’t really yours.

3 Tablespoons of Not Looking Back

Once you make a decision, an important step in moving on and embracing that decision is being able to keep your head straight and not look back. Because humans are naturally self-doubters, it will happen where you doubt the decision that you just made. But, just realize that you made that certain decision for a reason. You wanted it. You might not want it 10 minutes later, but understand that you wanted it at a certain point in time, so now it’s just your self-doubt holding you back.

I hope you guys enjoyed my piece on decision making and how it can lead you to Get Happy in 60 Seconds℠! I would love all the feedback you can give, likes and comments keep me going! If you really enjoyed this, share this post with some friends!
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