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The Battle Between Forgiving and Forgetting


This is it right here folks, the long awaited battle of Forgiving vs. Forgetting. Some of you might have just perked up in your seats a bit, and if you haven’t yet, you might want to because finding and understanding the difference between these two words is essential for life and happiness.

We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all been betrayed to some extent, and we’ve all had the choice of Forgiving or Forgetting.

First things first, what’s the difference between Forgiving and Forgetting? I would describe Forgiving as accepting something as it is, moving past it, but learning from the experience. Forgetting on the other hand, I see as pushing to the back of your mind and acting like it never happened, possibly bottling in some feelings that are meant to be left out.


Forgiving is very important with any situation that arises where you betrayed someone or someone betrayed you. Not only is it important because then it allows you to move on with or without that person, but because it allows you to LEARN. Forgiving someone and moving on teaches you about the situation that just occurred and says “Hey, move on with your life, just don’t make that mistake again.”

Forgiving someone also helps with strengthening relationships (usually). It allows the people in the relationship to form a new and more committed bond that may have not been there before.


Forgetting about what someone did to you can be tough for some people but for others, it’s a natural reaction. Many people suppress the incident in the back of their mind in order for normal life to ensue.

Some say that it isn’t okay to dwell on what happened and talk about it regularly. In its place, we need to remember what happened to us in order to avoid letting it happen again. When you forget about some incident that happened, you are harming yourself because you are not letting yourself learn from the situation.

If anyone in your life uses the term “Forgive and Forget”, don’t take their advice so quickly. We’ve learned here the Forgiving is very healthy to live and move on with, but Forgetting will only cause you issues.

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