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The Importance of Writing

January 19, 2017 DR. SHARON BUCHALTER

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Writing is amazing. Writing is wonderful. Writing is a gift from above. Why? Because it allows us to release all of those thoughts that are running around our heads for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millenniums… Okay I think you get the point! So is writing something I do? Yes, a lot (as you can tell, I’m sure). Well, let’s talk about my Recipe to Get Happy in 60 Seconds℠.

2 Cups of Getting Yourself a Journal

Ever heard of Michaels? How about Office Depot? No? What about Officemax? If you haven’t heard of any of those you’re hopeless… Not really, I’m just kidding. If you have heard of any of those, whip out your iPhone and find the nearest store because it’s time for an adventure! More of an online shopper? Well it’s your lucky day because you are on the internet right now. Give Google a search saying “journal to write in” and a plethora of options will pop up with some pretty sweet journals. Whether you’ve decided to shop in the store or online, find yourself a cool journal and go get it!

1 Liter of Turning on your Favorite Music

Okay so you’ve got your journal, now what? My favorite part - finding the right music for the occasion. Sad? Find music that suits your darker emotions. Happy? Find some music that is more up beat and keeps you on the “up”. The reason why I say to find music that fits your emotional state is because it will enhance the feelings within you and allow your mind to focus on one thing - your current mental state. It won’t shift your thoughts from being sad to happy, sad to angry, angry to happy, etc. But of course if you want to change the type of writing that you cook up, then maybe change the music to curve your emotions.

⅓ Cup of Letting you Mind Flow into the Flow State

Ahhhh, the good ole flow state - the state of mental being where you let your mind flow (or where I do at least). This is where I put my hand to paper and just let my mind go, and what you should do too. Writing is interesting and getting into the state of mind to write is just as interesting. As you get into it, and as you are inside of it, your mind is going to throw up many mental barriers along the way that block you from getting out your true thoughts. This is where you have to hack at that wall until your thoughts just start to flow like a river. Think your wall is too tall? Don’t think you can chop it down? You can, trust me. I’ve built walls as high and as big as the Great Wall of China. And I’ve also broke down walls higher than the Empire State building. Just have confidence in your abilities.

Well I hope you enjoyed this piece, now go get yourself a journal and start writing! Comment with some feedback and let me know what you enjoy writing about! Like and share this post to let it reach others!
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